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How do you define yourself? Is it by the company you work for or the job you do? What if your company offered you more than just a paycheck? WeServe wants your company to come together to help others. Discover what you can accomplish when you use your time and skills to serve.

WeServe started in 2012 with an idea to offer short-term service trips to employees of various companies. WeServe has the passion to partner with companies who want to make a difference in their employees' lives and help them to view their position as more than just a job. WeServe offers affordable national and international service trips where participants get the chance to use their skills and knowledge to help others.

What we do can be broken into three parts:

1) We coordinate service events for organizations and individuals that make a positive impact in the lives they touch.

2) We communicate fundraising opportunities for service projects by making it a fun, meaningful experience that changes lives.

3) We create service trips that are culturally balanced with inspirational work, rewarding experiences and adventurous activities.

As you explore our website, we encourage you to identify ways that your group could serve and where you would like to use your gifts and talents. WeServe will work together with you and your team to decide on the location and types of projects that would be best for your team's skill set.

WeServe supports the work that your company does, and we are thankful for your consideration in helping others through our organization. We look forward to serving alongside you now and long into the future!



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