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USA Service Trip




Even though the USA is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, there is still plenty of service that can be done here at home.

WeServe has a unique approach to service stateside. Our passion remains to serve the international community, which is why your domestic WeServe service trip will partner you with an international community in the United States. In Miami, for example, you can serve in the Jamaican or Haitian community, while in Chicago you can experience a little bit of international culture, or head to Tucson to work with the welcoming Mexican community.

Your domestic trip will give you a taste for an international culture and encourage a population often overlooked by service teams.

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Miami Service Trip

Miami is the perfect place for your group to go on a service trip in the United States and still feel as though you are serving internationally. Miami is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. This location is a great starting point if your group might be interested in doing an international service trip sometime in the future. Your group will be immersed in the Jamaican and Haitian cultures during a week of life changing experiences. WeServe offers a wide variety of service opportunities in Miami.

Tucson Service Trip

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona and is located just north of the Mexican border. An area steeped in history, “The Old Pueblo," has been consistently inhabited for thousands of years. Over the past three hundred years, Tucson has evolved from a Native American farming community, to Spanish outpost, to frontier town, to railroad hub, to its current state as a sprawling metropolis of around one million people, the majority of which have never received assistance of any kind.

Chicago Service Trip

By serving with WeServe in Chicago, your team will have the opportunity to serve in many areas. Your time in Chicago will focus on learning to reach the community that immediately surrounds you. Because this is a domestic location, the experiences your group has are easily applicable in your home community and within your company.



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